Lovegrenade - is a rock n roll Trio formed 2009 and based in the underground music scene of South Tel Aviv, Israel. What we do is keep our musical aesthetics alternative and totally D.I.Y. we record our music as cheap as possible and with the help of gifted friends and people we know from our little community. we craft our albums and design our own album covers and T-shirts and distribute our music for free. Our music is the sound and the document of the days and the nights of our lives in the hot and horrible city of South Tel-Aviv (a.k.a. The real Tel aviv)

And yes ,the best way to feel the music is to see it live ! so come as u are and we will give you a hell of an emotional heart breaking and mind buzzing experience... so prepare your tissues and eardrums and maybe we will meet each other some day..

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Dudi malka - lead vocals guitar and bass
Eran Nave - vocals, guitar and bass
Itay Sendowski - vocals , drums and synth

Garage Rock
Tel Aviv, Israel
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