E123/I Know - Split

Mar 11, 2011
Kirov, Rusia (E123)
PunkRockers (E123)
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E123 es una banda Crust/Grind (Vegan Straight Edge) de Kirov, Rusia. Cantan sobre la política, liberación animal, guerra, ecología, etc.
English: Young crust/grind band from Kirov, Russia. We are vegetarian/vegan band free of alcohol and drugs. We sing about politics, war, animal liberation, ecology, personal problems and problems of society. We want to live in freedom and love and will do everything for it!

I Know, banda anarcopunk de Bielorrusia (colectivo punk anarquista), que difunde su mensaje por medio de su ruido de protesta.
English: I*KNOW is an anarchist punk collective focused on spreading our political message. we create our noise inspired by different political and social events that affect us. we hate the system of lie, violence and opression that rules modern world. we are trying to change something around us, we know that it's hard, maybe we can only force someone to think about that sick situation...

El disco incluye las letras de ambas bandas, en inglés y ruso.